HRH Capital specializes in industrial and manufacturing investments, including tooling, metalworking, and large multinational operations.

consumer services

Consumer-driven service businesses in large markets often benefit from application of lean business principles. HRH Capital leverages our experience in operations to optimize service businesses.

Real estate

Whether in support of an industrial or business investment, or because the right opportunity arises, HRH Capital often invests in complementary real estate.


Smart capital investment in manufacturing and consumer business focusing on long term returns and leveraging existing assets

When considering new businesses for acquisition, the team at HRH Capital considers the financial strength of the company as well as the assets it will bring to the entire organization.


Expanding Existing Capabilities

HRH Capital purchased a rapidly growing manufacturing company and continued the growth through facilities expansion, merger, and additional acquisition. This included purchasing companies that complimented and expanded the capabilities of the existing business. Purchasing similar and synergistic operations has helped our team double the business footprint in the last five years. We are looking for strategic investments that will allow us to better serve our customers, increase our capacity, and continue to grow. HRH is actively looking for business opportunities and has the capital to support growth.


Purchase of a local tooling company increased operational uptime.


Purchasing businesses in complementary industries allowed HRH to leverage talent across multiple businesses.


With businesses in the U.S. and Mexico, HRH Capital was able to take advantage of operating internationally.


Cash Flow Positive

EBIDTA between $1 and $6 million

Investment Portfolio

HRH Capital’s acquisition team looks for businesses in roll forming, tooling, stamping, and other metal working fields as well as other strong investment opportunities in large markets.

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HRH Capital specializes in industrial and manufacturing investments and we are always looking for the next opportunity. Whether it’s in the tooling, metalworking, health, or real estate industries, we look for both small and large multinational operations to add to our portfolio. Ideally, new opportunities have […]
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