The current era is one of great uncertainty, and also great opportunity for those willing to take the leap. Businesses of all types that were early leaders in planning and reacting to Covid-19 were equipped to continue operations where others struggled to put a plan in place.

The first step involves identifying your core business operations. This is your area of highest expertise, your most valuable customers, and those employees that produce the most value. Even during a recession, if you can protect the core part of your business, then you have a solid platform from which to grow.

Today, you may need to adjust how you serve your customers or what those key employees are doing, be more responsive to changes in your client’s requirements in order to protect that core. While complying with state-mandated cleaning and distancing protocols is important, taking the time to think through how best to do this while still maintaining the core features of your business is also important. If your work is hands-on or customer-facing, keeping those interactions positive as well as keeping them safe is key.

For manufacturers, protecting the core may mean working closely with clients to forecast and prepare for fluctuations in demand beyond what is normal. This may mean providing and storing safety stock to ensure just in time delivery. It may also mean cross-training core team members to ensure that the knowledge in your organization is maintained.

Once your core is secure, look for new ways to expand. Businesses are launching creative solutions to meet the new environment and continue to provide their services. From increases in telemedicine to new gains in online ordering and delivery, the world is still open for business. For those who look for opportunities and are willing to try new ideas, there is room to expand.


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